About Me

Country Number 55: Mexico

I’m Mauricio (that’s Me-ree-si-o), an Australian born (with Chilean heritage) living in the suburban outskirts of Sydney with a passion for not living in the suburban outskirts of Sydney – i.e. put me on a plane. Please.

I’m almost 30. Looking out for wife-material, thinking about investment properties and stock markets and promotions and the Sydney housing market gives me symptoms much worse than jet lag. Yes, I do have a 9-5 job with business deadlines, financial obligations and taxes to pay. Some people pick up hobbies like stamp collecting to avoid the weight of adult responsibility – me? I collect countries. 100 countries by my 40th birthday, in fact. For this reason you’ll usually find me jet setting away solo, although I have inspired some of my friends to start traveling with me on occasion.

Have I lost you yet? #NotAnotherTravelBlogger.

Most travel blogs I’ve read are heavily sponsored by the big names in the game, people with free flights, subsidised accommodation and bottomless credit cards, with professional photographers to bump up their Instagram likes. Those that are lucky enough to be able to travel for a living and not worry about how many vacation days they have left. If that’s you, all power to you – I just don’t have that privilege.

Why a blog?

I always come home to people in the same mundane, suburban boat as me, asking me about my trip, to see photos or even recommendations – and I mainly get asked, ‘how did you manage it? Again?’. I’m completely self-funded and have learned to be creative with my pay-packet and leave allowance.

Also, I mostly travel alone, meeting friends along the way. When traveling alone you have the urge to share your experience in the moment. So this blog serves two purposes – to share my travels and self-taught expertise with others, and to fulfill my need to share. Share photos, stories, history, geography, food and wine – everything I love; especially the wine.

January 2020 Progress: 60 Countries

How did this obsession start?

An obsession with geography and maps resulted in an unusual skill of knowing the names, capital cities and locations of all 195 countries like the back of my hand (yep there is officially 195 according to the UN). Self-interest history projects followed and then naturally this evolved into traveling, seeing, experiencing and learning first hand – and now a desire to share the history, the geography and these experiences with others.

Join me on the journey to 100 countries!
Will I get to my goal?
Will I eventually adult and settle down?
Will I buy a house in Sydney? LOL NO
Or will I continue to travel til the end of my days? Your guess is as good as mine.

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